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  • Does it seem like everything that worked for your last dog, JUST DOESN’T WORK?

    You Need the Experience to Know what Makes things Better, Makes things Worse and what Just Wont Work! You can't get that without Training A Lot of Dogs

  • Are you frustrated that your dog seems to do things just to make you mad, and then you feel bad for punishing them

    You Need Someone Well Versed in Dogs Who Enjoy Conflict! Learn How to Avoid the Arguments Before they happen and Use that Troublemaker Spirit to your Advantage

  • ​Are you looking for real, kind help that you can trust to help you and your dog build a better happier life together?

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Joel Harrison

I train difficult dogs because I am one...

Joel Is quickly becoming very well-known for his kind and fun training style. Concentrating on the perspective and feelings of the dog, Joel teaches owners to see their dog as the complex individual they are. Concentrating on building a truly fulfilling life through play, Joel strives to teach dogs to be “livable” and understand how to succeed in the home without constantly being nagged to behave.

Joel owns a massive thirst for knowledge that has given him the ability to connect with almost any dog and owner. If you have 0 knowledge or are deep in your own training program, Joel prides himself in meeting you where you are and getting you where you need to go!

Coming into the dog industry 8 years ago under the tutelage of Bo Harrison of Kranky K9 (Collinsville IL) Joel was immediately challenged with tough behavioral cases. Thrown right into the deep end he never got to learn to teach sweet dogs to sit before Handling reactive and aggressive dogs. Once he completed NePoPo silver school Joel had an extremely thorough understanding of the inner working of a dogs brain and how to theoretically change behavior. Applying theory to 100’s of dogs leads to the discovery that every single dog is an individual and must be treated as such.

When it comes to all of those shiny awards, they don’t give them out for My dog never bit anyone again or now we can live safely with our 2 dogs. If we are being honest, there should be one for solving crate anxiety so there are no more poo tornadoes!

If Dog sports are your thing, keep your eyes on Us. Scooby is already collecting points for his AKC titles, and Joel really hopes to help GRC grow in the Atlanta area in the near future!

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